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Aspen Ridge

Maintenance Technician at Aspen Ridge


Posting Date: 01/09/19Closing Date: 02/02/19

Full Time


Company Name: Aspen Ridge

Position Information:

Job Title: Maintenance Technician

Address:11691 S. Ridgeview Road

City: Olathe  State: KS  Zip:66061

Posting Date:1/10/19   Closing Date:2/15/19

Shift: M-F 8-5 Full Time

Education Requirements:



  1. Pick up daily work orders and prioritize. 2. Perform maintenance on occupied units according to work orders. 3. Be alert to any other potential problems in occupied units – fix if small or report to Property Manager. m:\personnel\jobdes\maintenance Page 2 of 4 4. Leave a completed work order or a note in all apartments entered. 5. Clean up any debris that is caused by maintenance work. 6. Do not use personal items belonging to resident for clean-up. 7. Record time spent in each unit on the work order. DOMAIN 2. PERFORM MAINTENANCE REQUIRED FOR MOVE-IN/MAKEREADIES. DUTIES: 1. Check all appliances, sinks, faucets, commodes, drapes, blinds, etc. 2. Make any necessary repairs to above. 3. Review condition of floors, walls, linoleum, tile, etc. 4. Make any necessary repairs to above. 5. Inform manager of any repair work needing an outside contractor or replacements of major appliances necessary. DOMAIN 3. SPECIAL MAINTENANCE REQUIRED BY PROPERTY MANAGER. DUTIES: 1. Perform any necessary maintenance in office, clubroom, models, pools, etc. 2. Be alert to physical problems seen in the course of work and notify the Property Manager at once. 3. Perform any necessary maintenance to exterior of property. 4. Work/coordinate with vendors when necessary on special maintenance projects. DOMAIN 4. PERIODIC MAINTENANCE DUTIES: 1. Maintain schedule of period/preventative maintenance for the property. 2. Clean the boilers two times a year. 3. Check all photocells at least once a month. 4. Change air conditioning filters at least once every three months. m:\personnel\jobdes\maintenance Page 3 of 4 5. Other duties as required. DOMAIN 5. MAINTAIN INVENTORY OF SUPPLIES DUTIES: 1. Periodically inventory supplies. 2. Maintain adequate inventory of supplies. 3. Purchase or request Property Manager to purchase supplies as needed. DOMAIN 6. ATTITUDE DUTIES: 1. Wear company ID at all times. 2. Always display a friendly and courteous attitude towards residents. 3. Maintain and promote a good attitude with other employees. 4. Never confront supervisor or other employees in front of residents.


Contact Information

Contact Name: Courtney Fergus

Phone: 913-707-6571 Email