MO HB 1510 – Tenant’s Right to Decline Interior Inspection

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Capitol Building, Hearing Room 7
Jefferson City, MO


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The General Laws Committee will be holding a hearing on HB1510 on Tuesday, February 13th at 5pm. This is a proposed Bill in Missouri, modeled after a Kansas law that gives the lawful occupants of a rental property the right to decline an interior city inspection without a warrant. This Bill, from Representative Gary Cross, was HB 608 in 2017 and the committees were favorable to the bill as it basically affords 4th Amendment rights to tenants.

Ways to Take Action
Attend the Committee Meeting and Speak Out: Be sure to bring a written testimony as well in case there is not the time for you to speak. Ideally, we will have supporters from several areas across the state, not just Kansas City but also St Louis, Columbia, Springfield and all parts of Missouri. And from not only landlords but also Realtors, Apartment Owners, and Tenants. Even if you are not quite brave enough to speak, having you in attendance at this meeting with Written Testimony to show support will also be helpful

If you are able to attend, please coordinate with Missouri POA Vice President Stephen Summers.

Reach out to the Committee: Send them an email, make a phone call and ask them to please support HB 1510. Pay special attention to Committee Members that represent you.

Instructions from Gary Cross for Live Testimony: please keep comments when you testify to the committee to under 3 minutes. Do not repeat yourself or what others have said.