Supplier Partner Application

Membership in the Apartment Association of Kansas City shall be open to a corporation, partnership, firm or person that (1) agrees to abide by the provisions of the By-Laws and policies of the Association and (2) fulfill the requirements of at least one of the classifications of membership of Association and, (3) completes a membership application for annual dues and, (4) meets the approval of the Board of Directors of this Association.

Classification of Membership

Associate/Supplier Members shall be a vendor of goods and/or services to the multi-family
housing owners, developers or managers including licensed Real Estate Brokers not qualified
under Owner/Developer/Manager classification.

Supplier Partners Cost for Membership
$375 (Any company providing a product or service to apartments)

All members agree to adbide by the AAKC Code of Ethics upon submission of this application.
For any questions, please call 913.248.0355 or email

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