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Watchtower Security

Watchtower Security

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8350 N. St. Clair Ave, #10
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Clayton P. Burnett



Watchtower Security was started because of the deficiencies of the “traditional” security methods employed in multi-family housing. Guards are expensive, can only be in one place at one time and their value is hard to calculate. Installing your own surveillance systems; has high initial costs, is internally resource-heavy in doing the video reviews, their continual administration is headache inducing, the additional costs in their upkeep continually mount, and they have generally sub-par image quality. Watchtower Security instead provides a “managed video surveillance service,” exclusive to the multi-family housing industry, that provides real value and a positive return on investment in a turn-key product. For a pre-set monthly fee (based upon number of cameras and other factors) Watchtower Security provides:

Full HD Camera Lease – Top of the industry (Axis), full HD cameras covering your whole property 24/7/365. We lease the equipment so you aren’t stuck with an asset that quickly depreciates, and every 5 years they get replaced to the “latest and greatest”…saving you that capital expense every few years.

Installation – No extra fees for the installation.

Equipment Monitoring - Daily monitoring of equipment health, camera orientation, camera focus, cleanliness, recording status, etc, etc... ensuring your system is always up and optimally running.

Maintenance – Any and all maintenance for any equipment that goes down is fully covered (we’ll fix it before you would even notice it is out/down).

Equipment Replacement – Because we lease the equipment, we have to take out additional “no-fault” insurance policies on our equipment. So even if a camera is ripped down, struck by lightning, or shot out – we fully cover the replacement and its re-installation.

Anywhere/Anytime Access Portal – We provide a dedicated portal for you and the police (or guards) to access the cameras from any internet connected device.

Unlimited Video Review Service – This is the big one, how we’ve made our name in the industry and where our value really shines. If something happens on your property, all you have to do is tell us when and where you think it happened. Our forensic review analysts then review the hours upon hours of footage and then perform a forensic video review. Our specialists then deliver to you a “highlight” reel of all pertinent activity (where/when the person came onto property, show them in the act, where/what units they visited, how the left, etc) along with still images and a written summary. And because we only use the best cameras on the market, you then actually have indisputable video evidence for eviction, lease violation, prosecution, etc. Crime is our “bread and butter,” but because you get unlimited reviews per month you can request footage for anything that helps you manage your properties.

Bottom line, we are NOT in the hardware business, we don’t sell to you and run…as we truly will become your PARTNER in reducing and eliminating criminal and nuisance issues.

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